56th & Hudson
Hudson Rd & E 56th Ave, Aurora, CO, 80137
Acquisition Date: Jul-2007
Projected Sale Price: U$ 4,000,000

Poised for future development, this property is well located at the NWC of E. 56th Avenue and Hudson Rd, just south of DIA. The subject property lends itself well for future development, possibly companies servicing both airports, i.e. manufacturing, industrial warehousing, commercial, recreation, transportation, communication, etc. 56th Avenue scheduled fro widening to six lanes. The airport is served by four highways, a new beltway, two railroads and three future light rail lines. 56th Avenue is the first major east/west arterial south of DIA. Approximately 15,000 people travel within one mile of the property line to and from DIA every day.


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