9809 North Metro Parkway, Glendale, AZ, 85051
Acquisition Date: May-2019
Projected Sale Date: Oct-2029
Projected Sale Price: U$ 24,560,479
Projected Total IRR: 22.52%

Currently under development.

Metrocenter Storage offers investors the opportunity to own a newly renovated and remodeled Class A self-storage property in a rapidly growing area, ideally situated in relation to Downtown Phoenix and along Interstate 17.

Metrocenter Storage is a 157,000 SF self-storage redevelopment next to the Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix, AZ. The location is near major employment, recreational, and retail venues. Being one of the first new climate-controlled self-storage deals in this submarket, Metrocenter Storage is well positioned to have a rapid lease-up period and reach stabilization in a timely manner. According to a recent market study by THK Associates, Inc., they report a demand of 201,869 SF of climate-controlled storage in the primary trade area. There is also demand for 1,231 RV and boat storage spaces.

Metrocenter Storage is strategically located next to the Metrocenter Mall, 20 minutes from Downtown Phoenix. The property is located right


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